StudyLock, an app for parents to monitor children’s Smartphone usage

If you are a parent, you must be probably worrying about the time your children spend on Tablets and Smartphones.

But, the good news is that you will not have worry anymore as StudyLock by Big Mage, will allow you to monitor the Smartphone usage of your children.

After the installation of the app, it will allow you to lock any lock application which your child commonly uses. Once the lock is enabled, your child will have to answer a couple of questions to open any desired application. The app was developed in such a way that it will always run in the background and only parent will be able to uninstall the app.
There is also remote parent control feature which will allow you to enable lock or unlock controls from a distance.


The application also comes with additional features such as allowing access to any custom number or an emergency number such as 911 when the lock is enabled.

StudyLock is certainly an essential app for every parent to help their children to excel in the academics.

Get it on google play

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