Top 5 free apps for kids on both Android and iOS

Children have become smarter and they are able to understand technology at an early age as they can operate smartphones, tablets and their gadgets for game very easily. There are various apps available on multiple platforms for the kids, but all of them are not appropriate. You should be careful with what app or game they are operating. So, we have compiled a list of apps for kids, some of them are educational while others are just fun games for the entertainment.

Top 5 free apps for kids on both Android and iOS:

1. Shapes Toddler Preschool

This app is approved by teachers, parents and toddlers as it does not only entertain but teaches about shapes, numbers, colors and letters. This app has been created with a focus on simplicity and full voice overs, so toddlers can play and learn themselves without any extra help. It also has colorful quizzes, puzzles, flashcards and of course games which offers positive reinforcement and fun rewards. It also has a child-safe menu that allows parents to customize game play and difficulty level in the app. So, it is a high quality educational toddler games which your kid will really enjoy.

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2. Ubooly

Ubooly gives a whole new experience with its lovable personality and advanced speech-recognition, that encourages kids to be imaginative in the real world instead of just staring at the screen and tap buttons to play. This app has been developed with the idea of Creative Play in the mind, which helps kids develop social skills, increase self-control and build confidence. It can understands dozen of words and phrases and respond to them like ‘Play a game’, ‘Go exploring’, ‘Tell me a story’, ‘Go to sleep’, ‘Tell me a joke’ and many more. It can also learn names, birthdays and walks kids through various lessons and games. Ubooly can also teach you kid spelling, counting or science and adapt to child’s learning level in short it has enough content to keep a kid of any age interested.

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3. Cut the Rope

The main character of this app is Om Nom and this little monster has only one request…..CANDY! As, it wants to eat up all the candy it’s up to your kids to figure out what ropes needs to cut and what bubbles to pop to get the candy to the creature. This game is really very helpful to enhance the two skills: problem solve and critical think that are very usefull at any age. It has multiple layer which get harder as player goes up and you can collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, award-winning, physics-based game.

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4. Angry Birds

Angry Birds this one game does not need much introduction as not only kids but young people also enjoy this game. In this game you need to use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ using slingshot. The pigs sit in structure and it is a physics-based gameplay which requires logic, skill and force to hit at the pigs and destroy it. It gets harder as you move to the next level and more entertaining as well. Apart of the original Angry Bird game, there are sequel which your kids can try it they got tired of this one like Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Friends.

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5. Art of Glow

Art of Glow this game really brings a new wonderful experience with its easy to create variety of glow artworks. The kids can choose which kind of brush stroke to use, such as hearts, circles or stars and show their creation on the blank black screen. It’s like finger painting where artwork is bright and eye-catchy perfect for a kid. It has fireworks, twinkle stars, animated text arts and much more with unlimited setting.

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Let us know your experience of the kids app or if there is any app that you think should be added in the list.

Source & Image credit: Educational Game Testing, Google Play and iTunes

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