Skype will stop support for Smart TV app

Skype one of the most favorite video communication methods for people around the globe has been releasing updates with new features like: Skype Group Video calling and Skype in Android allows scheduling calls. But, Skype has published a post on its support page that the Skype for TV application will no longer be supported; there will be no updates to the application starting from June 2016.

Skype has been delivering the video calling app Service for Smart TV since 2010 in partnership with several TV manufacturers. But, over the years, Smart TV app is getting less popular as user like to use Skype either on their laptop, desktop or mostly on smartphones as it comes handy. Although Skype is not going to support the app on Smart TV people can still use it but that will depend on the TV model because TV manufacturer can keep the app or they can remove it from their model.

Although Skype has been providing video calling and other chat services for a long time, we cannot deny the fact that it became more popular after Microsoft’s ( acquisition of the company in 2011. But Skype has made tremendous progress by introducing new features like real-time speech, video messaging and instant message translation and also has its own version of emoji unlike the other apps. Skype is also popular in the Business field as it has replaced Microsoft’s Lync in many leading organizations for communication among employees.

As, per the confirmation from Skype’s smart TV app will no longer receive updates after June 1, but those who have already downloaded it can continue to use it. There’s no confirmed date for when the app will cease to work, but it is living on borrowed time.

Let us know your thought on Skype Smart Tv app.

Source and image credit: Skype

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