Oculus launches Social Features that will allow you to hang out with your friends in Virtual Reality

oculus social

Oculus developed a Virtual Reality app for Samsung Gear VR device that focuses much on the social features. The company made the announcement through a post in its official blog.

According to a post in its official blog, “People with a Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, can create a profile and then easily search for others on the platform by real name or Oculus username.”

Oculus named the application “Social Trivia” which will let up to four members to participate in a battle of knowledge. At the same time, using “Oculus Social”, you will also be able to create rooms with your friends.

Oculus also launched a game with social features. It allows up to four persons to participate in the game.

Herobound: Gladiators, the multiplayer adventure game, is now available on the Oculus Store. Band together with up to four people to conquer goblins and demons in arena battlefields. Use integrated voice chat to talk and strategize in real time for co-op action.

In addition to this, Oculus introduced the feature to write user reviews which will certainly help the makers of the VR applications to gather inputs from the Virtual Reality users to develop or enhance applications in the way a user wants to.

Oculus also announced that the developer tools to create Social VR Applications will be released by the company very soon in this month.

It is very evident that organizations that depend on the social feature generate more income. Therefore, Integration of Social feature in the Virtual Reality devices will certainly bring in more users to the Virtual Reality world.

Which favorite application of yours would you like to have in Oculus Store? Let us know in your comments.

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