iPhone 7 dual-camera system

Apple may launch its new iPhone series iPhone7 in September and there are rumors all around the web and techies are speculating its design and discussing about the new feature that this phone may have when it is released. Well, one of the most fascinating features that we might see is iPhone dual-camera system.

As, per the post published in MacRumors the dual-camera system will consist of one standard wide-angle lens and second telephoto lens i.e. capable of capturing zoomed-in video and photos. While taking videos or photos both of these lenses can be used simultaneously, and the images will be merge together in unique ways using Apple’s software. When the videos or photos are getting captured both lenses images can be displayed on the screen in the Camera app through a split-screen view. The split-screen view shows standard wide-angle image on top and zoomed image on the bottom separated with a horizontal line.

MacRumors videographer Matt Gonzalez has created a video using the information obtained from the patent as a guideline. This video depicts how iPhone picture taking capabilities will be enhanced using the multiple camera.

User can transition between both lenses seamlessly while capturing a video or a photo as there in an option to tap on a spot in the photo to zoom in with a second lens. This feature would work similarly to digital zoom does today, but there is not loss of details on zooming in image because it’s using a lens with a longer focal length instead of zooming in through software. So, the captured image either through standard wide-angle lens or telephoto lens is more clear and crisp.

Although, the rumors and information that are dripping all over the web are not sure that the iPhone 7 is going to have a dual-camera system, but certainly it is a possibility and we can expect these features with the new release of Apple device iPhone7.

Image and source credit: MacRumors

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