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Google Maps

Google Maps have changed the way we travel it is one of the most useful apps for work. Earlier, we had to gather inputs from several persons on how to travel from one place to another.But today, we are able to navigate to our destination in a few swipes and taps through Google Maps. The good news now is that you can also book a ride for a cab through the Google Maps app and do not need any other apps for maps.

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The latest update in apps for Google Maps will show you an additional tab when you search for directions to any location and this new tab will provide you information on the ride facilities. According to Google, the latest update will expand its cab services to 5 new Cab operators in 5 countries which are Gett in UK, mytaxi in Germany and Spain, Hailo in Spain and UK, Ola Cabs in India and 99 Taxis in Brazil.

Here onwards, when you search for a route to your desired location, you will be able to see the information regarding the cab in the new tab in Google Maps. Say if you have already installed the riders’ app, Google Maps will redirect you to book a cab in a single tap. The best part is that you can compare the prices between cabs and choose the cheapest ride without having to open multiple apps.

The apps update will be rolling out to the Android Smartphones users over the next few days. The update is expected to hit the iOS devices later after some time and we may get iPhone maps app, because the Google said in its post, “it will be coming very soon to iOS”.

Let us know your views on the latest feature regarding the information on Cab services in Google Maps. We would like to hear from you.

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