Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewer available in its online store

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer

We have earlier reported that 2016 is going to be the year of Virtual Reality. Every day begins or ends with a fresh update on Virtual Reality. So, if you have not yet got your Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewer via other companies who are making them or through Google’s time-limited promotions, here is your chance. As, Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewer is available in its online store now.

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Google is offering a single unit in $15 and $25 for a pack of two. The VR viewer that you would find in its online store appears to be the same that they introduced last year in the month of May. It should be compatible with most of the phones that are less than six inches in size.

Virtual Reality is known for taking the people to a whole another world. Cardboard VR viewer allows you to have a VR experience at a small price. While it saves a lot of money in your pocket, Cardboard is not on par with Facebook’s Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive. Therefore, Google is likely to come up with a new device that would match its rivals VR devices.

Google is very serious about Virtual Reality , so, serious that it started a separate division for it in the organization. Clay Bavor is going to be the virtual reality guy of Google and will be leading the virtual reality team alone and entirely focus on its products in 2016.

According to a report on WallStreet Journal, Google’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset will be way different than its predecessor, Google Cardboard as the new VR Headset will not require any mobile to use it. The new VR headset will not require computer or any other device either to operate it. Instead, it is said to be packed with a set of Processors and Cameras for head tracking. The device will also have its own display.

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