Apple releases iOS 9.3 beta updates

iOS 9.3 beta updates

As, per the Apple iOS beta program they have released the iOS 9.3 beta update with seventh version. The iOS 9.3 beta updates includes features such as new Car Play features, Touch ID- and password-protected items in the Notes app, an advanced Night Shift mode that changes the display temperature automatically. 3D touch options also got an update on applications like Settings.

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It’s been only days since the release of Apple iOS Beta 6 which was released last week. Health and Activity applications of Apple got an upgrade with app recommendations, enhanced detailed view of Workouts, and Fitness Data panels of Apple Watch on the dashboard.

In addition to that as per latest Apple update Verizon iPhones will now support Wi-Fi calling and the stock News app has new improvements. And now in Apple Music, Playlists Songs will not have to be added to My Music.

The update also allows multiple Apple Watches to be paired to a single iPhone device. At the same time, there is also PDF syncing in iClouds for iBooks across iOS devices.

The Apple latest update of iOS 9.3 beta is of size 66.1 MB and is currently available for public beta testers and developers to download.

It is very evident that the Apple is very focused about its upcoming device as this is the first time Apple has released many iOS beta versions between an iPhone release date and a WWDC16 event.

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