Yahoo and Facebook allows to send Valentines day wishes

Valentines day wishes

Yahoo mail has brought its auto-compose function once again for Valentine’s day. Now, both Yahoo and Facebook will allow you to send Valentines day wishes.You can choose a romantic mail from one of the pre-composed mails and send it to your soulmate.

Oh! Is that all? No, there’s much more. Each mail comes with an animated GIF. It also allows you to edit the content in the mail. You can replace the text or place the animated GIF in any corner of the mail by moving it any location according to your convenience and send Valentines day wishes.

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To initiate a romantic mail and send Valentines day wishes, you will have to click on the beating heart icon near the compose button, which is followed by a window to choose a type for your mail which are either ‘Out of Love’ or ‘Friendly Love’ or ‘Crazy Love’.

At the same time, Yahoo’s Messenger is also packed with a set of new Valentine GIFs.

If you are not a Yahoo user, don’t worry. Facebook messenger has also added a new heart feature. You can send messages in Facebook Messenger by wrapping them in a beautiful Valentine’s day gift cover to your beloved ones.

There are still a few hours left in case if you haven’t wished your soulmate. You can still do it using either Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Messenger or Facebook Messenger.

We wish you a happy Valentine’s day to all our readers.

Let us know whether which app you have chosen to wish your soulmate.

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