Valentines day Deal for BlackBerry Priv and BlackBerry Passport

blackberry priv and blackberry passport

Are you in love? Thinking about what you want to gift your soulmate a gift for Valentines day. Here is a deal for you. BlackBerry announced a discount for Blackberry Priv and BlackBerry Passport. The deal is a little costly though. But considering the offer, it is a good deal for BlackBerry lovers.

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BlackBerry Priv is priced now at $649.99 and BlackBerry Passport is available for $399.99. Both the handsets were available earlier for $699.99 and $499.99.

The offer can be availed only if you would make the purchase from the official online store of BlackBerry till February 24.

In addition to the smartphone device, you would also get SyncPod and a SmartFlip Case. The SyncPod can be used to transfer the data between your computer and smartphone.

BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Priv are Smartphones from two different kingdoms. While the former runs on BlackBerry OS 10, the latter runs on Android Lollipop.

We expect the BlackBerry Priv to take a lead in the sales over BlackBerry Passport, because the company had already made it clear that they will launch only Android phones this year. So, the customers are likely to choose BlackBerry Priv over BlackBerry Passport although the company will continue to support the latter.

The offer is currently available only for the users in US and UK. In UK, BlackBerry Priv and BlackBerry Passport will be available for £529 and £349. BlackBerry Passport comes in white or black colors.

The additional set of accessories that are packed with  devices are of $99 in US and £74 in UK.

Which Smartphone would you choose to gift your Valentine? Let us know in your comments below.

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