What does “i” in the iPhone stand for?

Apple is one of the companies that has transformed our lives into a better one. It is very evident when you look back and see the way the technology has progressed and how the contribution of the Apple in the form of iPhone, iPod and iCloud has helped the progression of technology. But, have you ever wondered whether what the ‘i’ in the iPhone or iCloud or iMac stands for? If Do not bother thinking, here in this article, we will take you on a journey on everything from evolution of Apple and the meaning of “i”.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak to develop and sell Personal Computers. Over the years, Apple has grown to a billion dollar organization that sold devices such as iPhones, iPods etc. in addition to the personal computers. Today, the company has also services such as iTunes which is one of the largest online libraries where everything from music to apps are available for the download.

What does “i” in the iPhone stand for?

Except Apple TV and Apple Watch, every device or service from the family of Apple is prefixed with “i”. According to Steve Jobs during the launch of iMac, “‘i’ stands for internet, individual, instruct, inform, and inspire.” You can therefore relate the acronym ‘i’ to any of the expansions according to the way you use a device or service.

What does "i" in the iPhone stand for?
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For instance, ‘i’ in the iPhone can be related to internet as you use it to browse, view and download the content through internet. And ‘i’ in the iCloud can be referred to as internet again as it is used to store files in the Cloud form.

Although the latest ventures of the company such as Apple TV and Apple Watch are not prefixed with ‘i’, we can see a lot of people still calling them as iTV and iWatch.

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