Virtual Reality can cause Nausea, Motion Sickness

virtual reality nausea motion sickness

From teenagers and tech-savvy beings to the gadget lovers and gadget makers, Virtual Reality is certainly one of the most talked subject as the world is awaiting a pile of VR gadgets to be available in the market very soon. Every week in fact begins or ends with an exciting news about the Virtual Reality. Because, the Virtual Reality which was a dream a decade ago has become a reality now and is all set to take us on a roller coaster ride in a whole another world. But is Virtual Reality safe?

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A new study has found that the Virtual Reality can cause Nausea, Motion Sickness. It was demonstrated by the researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Using Oculus Rift, a VR device, the participants were made to watch the Virtual Reality videos. Around two-thirds of the participants ceased watching the videos due to nausea.

The classic example is reading in a car,” says Shawn Green, a professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Lots of people can’t read in a car because if you have a newspaper in front of you, your visual system says you’re still.

But you are not still. While the newspaper may not be moving, the car speeds up and slows down, turns corners and climbs hills. All this movement registers in the vestibular system, a series of organs in the ear that aid balance by telling us which way is up,” Green said, “In the car, those balance cues say you’re accelerating, and that’s a big mismatch with your eyes on the still newspaper. That mismatch makes you nauseous.

But if you would look at history, entry of every device in the world was followed by a set of health disorders associated with it. But still people love using. We can therefore assume that Virtual Reality is not going to cause much harm in the lives of the people.

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