Twitter GIF search, is added to support for Videos through Direct Messages

Twitter GIF Search

Twitter introduced a new dedicated GIF button in its app for Twitter GIF search in iOS and Android which can be used to search GIF images to include them in your tweet. Upon clicking the button you can choose a suitable GIF for the tweets either by searching using the keywords or browsing through the categories.

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Say if you want to tweet that you are going to sleep. You can search an apt GIF for your tweet by entering “sleepy” or “sleeping” or “yawning” keywords. And in cases when you don’t want to search using the keyword, you can always browse the GIFs through the categories section after clicking the GIF button. The users can find the appropriate GIF quickly in a few clicks.

Riffsy and GIPHY (the partners of Twitter) are providing all the GIF images to the users through the latest update in Twitter.

Twitter GIF
Courtesy: Twitter

Besides adding the GIF Search, Twitter also added the support for sending Videos through Direct messages in its app for Android and iOS. Earlier, users were allowed to share only photos through Direct Messages.

We can expect the update to be rolled out slowly in all the leading platforms. If you haven’t got the update yet, please be patient. Because, it might take time for the new changes to get reflected in your app or web platform as the update has been released globally.

The company has been adding features to increase its number of users. Although this Twitter GIF search update isn’t going to make a huge impact in the list of users, we can assume several new users to join the Twitter platform to try out the GIF feature.

Let us know in your comments on what you think about the GIF feature in Twitter.

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