Street View VR brings additional experience in viewing maps in Virtual Reality

Street View by Google is one of the outstanding features of the Google Maps. It allows you to view the locations on this planet in 360 degree view. Ever imagined whether how it would be to use the Street View in Virtual Reality? I am sure it will take your experience on to another level. Street View VR, a new app that is available for Virtual Reality Headsets such as Oculus Rift is an answer for all the questions related to the Street View in Virtual Reality.

Street View by Google is already available for viewing using the Google Cardboard. Although the Street View in Google Cardboard gives a new experience in exploring the places, it is not as amazing as you would see it using your Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR and a PC.

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Street View VR brings additional experience in viewing maps in Virtual Reality
Courtesy: Street View VR

Because, unlike the normal Street View, there is also Wikipedia integration on information regarding the places that you view using Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR and a PC. You can see the information from Wikipedia on places in the form of small cards and it doesn’t affect your overall experience.

The program is using the basic Street View of Google. Therefore, you won’t be able to experience the objects in the real 3D. Instead you will have to adjust with the basic 360 degree view that it offers. You can however control everything using the voice commands. It also allows you to use the on-screen virtual keyboard in case if you are unable to pronounce the names of the places.

As the Street View VR is still in its initial stages, many changes are expected to be seen over the coming weeks. According to a statement on its official website, “StreetView VR is under active development and new features will be added regularly.” So, several exciting features will be added accordingly in Street View VR as the time goes on and on.

Source: Street View VR

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