Save Webpages in Google Chrome for offline viewing?

There’s a lot that you can do with your Google Chrome Browser. But, have you ever tried to save your webpage to view them in offline mode? Do not bother thinking, because, here in this post, we will guide you on how to save webpages in Google Chrome browser to view them later in Offline mode.

Save webpages in Google Chrome for Offline viewing

After opening any webpage that you want to save, tap the Hamburger menu icon and select print.

Save webpages in google chrome for offline view

Instead of selecting a printer, you will have to choose “Save as PDF”.

Save webpages in google chrome for offline viewing

Depending on the Smartphone that you use, the sizes of the pages may vary from device to device.

After selecting “Save as PDF“, you will have to enter the name of the file in the next window.

save webpages in google chrome for offline viewing

And again depending on your Smartphone, you can choose a location to save either through your File Explorer app or Google Drive etc.

That’s it. You have just saved a webpage to view later in offline mode.

save webpages in google chrome for offline viewing

This feature has been there in the Google Chrome for desktop for some time now. But the good news is that you can use it in your Smartphone as well. May it be an Android or iOS Smartphone.

Let us know your views on this feature in the comments section below.

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