Google and WordPress are serious about making the Web a better place

Google and WordPress are serious about making the web a better place. Google started highlighting the AMP-enabled web pages in the search results. This is now followed by the WordPress’s decision to support the AMP’s “Instant Article like format” in its sites.

AMP, Accelerated Mobile Page is a project that was launched by Google which is inspired by the Facebook’s “Instant Article” experience. It is said to load the website four times faster than usual.

Around 25 percent of the sites in the web are hosted in the WordPress platform. This feature will be available for sites such as TechCrunch which are hosted on WordPress. For self-hosted sites that are using the WordPress application, AMP can be enabled by installing a plugin.

However, you will have to think twice before installing the plugin or enabling AMP in your WordPress site. Because, it will remove certain plugins and widgets that you have added in order to optimize the time it takes to load the webpage.

On the other hand, WordPress made an impressive move by enabling AMP in its sites in a few hours after the announcement by Google earlier this day.

It’s always a good decision if you want your website to be AMP-enabled. But you will be keeping certain elements of your website at risk when you add AMP without doing any homework.

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