Oculus launches Rift-Ready PC bundles, Pre-order to begin on February 16

Oculus is making it easy for the users to buy a PC for Virtual Reality. The company announced that it will open the pre-sales of Oculus-ready PCs and Rift Bundles from February 16 at 8 AM Pacific Time.

Earlier, we had posted on how to check your PC for Virtual Reality. But, if you can afford $1499 USD at present, you can buy a PC that supports Virtual Reality without having to test your existing PC. The offer price of $1499 is available only for a limited time and can be availed using either Microsoft Store, Amazon or Best Buy.

Oculus Ready PC bundle 1
Courtesy: Oculus

All the PC bundles are certified by Oculus to support Virtual Reality through Oculus Rift. Every bundle comes with Rift – an Xbox One controller, remote, sensor and the headset.

Oculus launches Rift-Ready PC bundles, Pre-order to begin on February 16
Source: Oculus

Dell, Alienware and Asus have come up with the Oculus Ready PCs so far and many other leading manufacturers are expected to launch their versions of PC bundles for Oculus very soon.

Oculus made headlines earlier by announcing the availability of its Virtual Reality headset, Oculus Rift at $599. If you have already pre-ordered Rift, Oculus allows you to purchase Oculus Ready PCs at a discount in “select countries and regions”. In order to claim your discount, you will have to check the status of your order and choose partner offers. The status page will display your offer codes on February 16.

Oculus launches Rift-Ready PC bundles, Pre-order to begin on February 16
Courtesy: Oculus

However, if you still want to continue using your existing system for Virtual Reality through Oculus Rift, you can always check whether your PC is ready or not.

Click here to know on how to check your PC is ready for Virtual Reality.

According to the Oculus Team, “If you need a new PC to power Rift, Oculus Ready machines are the best way to make sure you have everything you need to get started.” Therefore, it’d be better if you’d order an Oculus Ready PC for a great VR experience.

Source: Oculus

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