Morning Reads feature in Google Chrome

Google Chrome might get the “Morning Reads” feature. The developers in the company seem to be working on this exciting feature. The evidence related to this upcoming feature were spotted in Chromium, a Chrome-based Open Source project. Words such as “Morning Reads” and “Zine” can be found in the Chromium bugtracker. We can assume Zine to be as a shortened form for the Magazine.

The service is likely to collect interesting content for a user to begin his day. Say if you open the Chrome browser in the morning, you might find something interesting to begin your day based on your previous searches and the setting preferences.

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However, it is still very early to run into conclusions as there is no any official confirmation or an announcement from the company yet. If the “Morning Reads” feature will be ever introduced, we cannot say whether it will come to the browser’s desktop versions or the Android alone.

Let us know in your comments on this exciting feature which is very likely to be introduced in your favorite Chrome browser.

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