Microsoft is buying Swiftkey for $250 million

microsoft buying swiftkey for $250

SwiftKey, the popular keyboard app in iOS and Android platforms is soon going to be a part of the Microsoft Family. Yes, According to a report in Financial Times, Microsoft is reportedly buying the Swiftkey for $250 million.

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At a time when Microsoft already has a better keyboard, this acquisition certainly have raised a few eyebrows. But, as far as the deal is concerned, Microsoft is interested in the Swiftkey’s research in Artificial Intelligence. However, Microsoft just confirmed the deal although Swiftkey has not commented on this news so far.

Swiftkey is one of the most popular keyboard app in both Android and iOS. The app marked its first step in the world through Android in 2010 and was later launched in iOS in 2014. From being just an app that offers a new different keyboard, Swiftkey grew to selling new themes through in-app payments.

microsoft buying swiftkey for $250
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Swiftkey has been working on a neural network language model using the machine learning algorithms in order to predict words in a much better way. This whole program can be used in more than just a keyboard and that’s where Microsoft is interested in. At the same time, we can also expect Microsoft to use this technology in its Windows mobile devices to get its track back in the market which is presently dominated by iOS and Android.

In the past, Microsoft acquired apps like Sunrise, Wunderlist and Accompli. Although Swiftkey also falls under the same category of productivity apps like Sunrise, Wunderlist and Accompli, it all looks like Microsoft has big plans with Swiftkey.

Let us know in your comments on acquisition of Swiftkey by Microsoft and whether it will help the branch of Artificial Intelligence to grow.

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