Microsoft Hub Keyboard for Android app for quick access without swiping

Microsoft Hub Keyboard for Android

Microsoft have released a new Android keyboard app the Microsoft Hub Keyboard for Android, which provides quick access to your Office files, your local clipboard, your contacts, and a translation tool. With Microsoft Hub Keyboard for Android, you can copy and paste recent items, easily search and share documents, share contact information, and instantly translate parts of messages.

Although, recently Microsoft have bought SwiftKey. It is little bit odd that Microsoft has released a keyboard app, but again this is a Garage project. It is just an experiment for now and may SwiftKey will end up with some of the ideas from Hub Keyboard down the line. The new Microsoft Hub Keyboard for Android app appears to be a pretty simple keyboard as it is only a tap input thus no swiping is required at all. Above the keys is a bar with buttons that provide quick access to your clipboard, Microsoft translation, contacts and Office 365 documents. If you don’t want all those buttons at the top you have option to do the setting changes to hide the button which are not required.

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Pic credit & source: Microsoft Hub Keyboard Google Play Store

Well, the keyboard that we have in Android is also pretty good but all these different apps on a smartphone, they have to conform to rules of a keyboard and that is irritating sometime. But, this new Microsoft Hub keyboard for Android app is certainly a new entrant into this market with a good angle. Rather than forcing users to switch between apps, this keyboard will bring those apps to users. All of required tasks are integrated into the keyboard, and you can choose which ones you want to use in any app that requires a keyboard. Now you can say goodbye to all that switching back and forth on your smartphone because the Hub keyboard keeps you in your conversation, bringing in relevant information to help complete common tasks.

While there’s no word of an iOS launch for the Hub Keyboard, but Microsoft would have a plan for an iPhone keyboard as well.

You can directly install the Microsoft Hub Keyboard for Android from the Google Play Store and share your experience with us.

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