Steps to use Voice Command Google Docs

Voice command Google Docs

We are living in a generation where everyone loves typing and dislikes writing. But, it all looks like we are on the verge of advancing to the next level using voice command Google Docs to create and edit the documents. Taking this view into account, Google has upgraded its Google Docs to the next level by introducing Voice Commands Typing to create and edit the documents.

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How to use voice command Google Docs?

To type in Google Docs using your voice command Google Docs, you will have to choose the “Voice Typing” from the “Tools” Menu. This will allow you to type the documents using your voice.

You can now go ahead and enter text in the document using your voice.

There are a set of commands using which you can edit the documents. Say if you want to copy, you will have to use the “select all” command to select all the text followed by saying “copy”.

You will not have to memorize the commands as they are simple.

Click here to open the Help center of Google where all the voice commands that can be used in Google Docs are listed.

This works only when you open Google Docs in your Chrome browser.

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