Google Gmail has more snooze options now

Google has announced it has added more snooze options in Gmail inbox. It said in its official blog that these features were added based on user feedback. Google hopes the addition of these two options would save time for its users and now they can snooze an email until “Later this week” or “This weekend”. Apart from this, users can also set their weekend days, which become important to users whose weekends may not be the same days as others means different weekend schedule.

First feature for snooze times.

Snooze new look

Second, feature for receiving emails on preferred time.

New Weekend Setting

These two features would certainly help you to put off dealing with certain emails and should hopefully save you some time, and decrease the need to use custom snooze. Users can also select the time when they want to be reminded of the messages that come to their Inbox.

Although, Gmail has been allowing users to “snooze” emails but updated version of the app now offers much more than the simple snooze option, it also allows users to choose when to see that email again.

As you can see in the image above, snooze options now include “Later today,” “Tomorrow,” “Next week,” “Next weekend,” and “Someday.” Users can also pick the date and time, as well as the place.

While these new features may not seem significant at first, but once you get to use them you would actually realize that they offer so much more than just the simple “Snooze” – they enable better timing and more control over your emails and reminders.

Let us know your feedback about the new Snooze feature of Gmail.

Source and image credit: Gmail official blog

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