Gmailify allows you to use your Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo Email Accounts in Gmail


Now you can not only sign in to your Gmail account in the Gmail app for Android, but also sign in to your E-mail accounts with domains other than Gmail. Yes, Gmail now allows you to sign in to your Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts in its latest update for Android. They are calling it “Gmailify”.

Just as the name sounds, the update will allow you to use your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or Outlook Email account with the UI of Gmail.

How to Gmailify your Account?

  • To Gmailify your Email account with domain other than Gmail, open either or Gmail app for Android.

(Note: For those of you who don’t have an account at all in Gmail, you will have to create an account using your non-Gmail Address and link your account with one of the existing Gmail accounts.)

  • Go to Settings and choose “Link Accounts” followed by the steps where you will enter your non-Gmail “Email address” to link the same with your Gmail account.
  • That’s it. You will now get all the emails from the non-Gmail account to your Gmail app.

How to gmailify

Deleting the Emails from your Gmail account will not delete the Emails in your non-Gmail account. The whole process just creates a copy for you to view the Email in Gmail. So, if you ever decide to step back from this service, you can do so by unlinking your Account from Gmail.

Currently, only the email accounts with Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo domains are supported by the Gmailify. We can expect more number of domains to be added in the near future. The update is currently available for the users in Android. There is no word yet on whether when this feature will be available for the iOS users.

Let us know your views on Gmailifying Email accounts with domain other Gmail.

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