Being app for iPhone users allows you to view the feeds of any Instagram account

Ever wondered whether how it would feel like to be a celebrity? You’d own a set of people as fans. They’d wait for you at each and every place for your autographs. But, these days being a celebrity is more than signing autographs. It is about how many likes you would get for a post in Facebook or Instagram. A new app, Being for iPhone users allows anyone to be like a celebrity, because using the app you can browse any Instagram account and view their feeds.

The main motto behind the introduction of this app is to let any user to view the Instagram in another person’s perspective. You can view any Instagram account of celebrities, brands, politicians, pop star and even your friends. When I said “view”, I meant that you will be able to view the feeds of other accounts.

In a way, it will help you to be so close to your friends as you will know the things that they are interested in. In addition to that, you’d also get a chance to make yourself better as you will get to see a lot of new things which really inspire your friend.

Being app for iPhone
Courtesy: TechCrunch

If you are confused to choose the Account, do not bother thinking. The Menu in the app will help you to choose an Account in a few clicks. The menu has options such as “View your friends”, “View Someone Famous”, “View Someone Random” and “View you”. You can also browse across the “Pop Stars”, “Presidential Candidates”, “Techies”, “Fashion Bloggers” etc and choose an account of your favorite Celebrity.

It only works for accounts which are public. You won’t be able to view the feeds from the “Private-enabled” accounts.

Instagram is known for killing the third party apps. If you haven’t installed the app yet, it is worth trying. Because, it is available for free.

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