Instagram Two-factor authentication to step up the security

instagram two-factor authentication

Instagram to add more security to its app by introducing Instagram two-factor authentication. While this feature has been available already other apps for some time now, the two-factor authentication in Instagram is going to be introduced at the right time as a few security concerns of the app were raised last week.

Earlier last week, Instagram added support for multiple accounts in its app for iOS and Android. Although this update was welcomed by the Instausers, the security concerns when multiple accounts are enabled in the app were discussed widely from the classrooms to newsrooms.

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instagram authentication

Instagram started testing the Instagram two-factor authentication feature to a set of users by late last year in a way which involved the users to either note down or take a screenshot of the reset code. But, the feature that has been introduced now follows the traditional authentication method wherein the users will get a code to the registered mobile number.

At the end of the day, we can say that a person who wants to access your Instagram account will not only need your personal information and mobile number, but will also require your phone to access the account.

Instagram could have added this feature long ago when the other apps started rolling out this feature. But, the company has just proved that there is a right time for everything. Because, in a way, the introduction of this feature is an answer to all the questions regarding the security concerns of the app.

The earlier way of signing in was easier and faster. On the other hand, enabling the two-factor authentication will add an extra level of security to your account although you will have to spend time to wait for the authentication code which you will be receiving in your mobile. But, the time you spend to receive your authentication code is worth waiting for.

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