Altspace VR now supports Samsung Gear VR

Altspace VR now supports Samsung Gear VR

Altspace VR, a Social Virtual Reality app is now available for Samsung Gear VR headset users. The app allows you to hang out with real people in Virtual Reality.

Using Altspace VR app, you can watch a movie marathon, laugh at improv comedians, practice your Spanish, play Dungeons and Dragons, attend a lecture, or join the company’s latest trivia game, Sketchy Quiz.

Altspace VR lets you to create your own world with your buddies where you and your friends are recognized using avatars. Each avatar copies the actions of the person in real life in order to do them in the virtual reality. Based on your actions, your avatar can wave, laugh, shake, nod, cheek kiss, whisper, glance, fist bump and lean jump.

Altspace VR now supports Samsung Gear VR

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In addition to that, the app will help you to explore the Virtual Reality environment by taking you for a travel to a desert land, dungeon, tea house, office, amphitheater, Movie Theater and a cozy living room.

The app really focuses on multi user environment. You can play multi-user games, watch videos in Periscope, Twitch, Spotlight and YouTube, share webpages and attend special events with your pals in a virtual reality world.

“Our focus at AltspaceVR is creating the most natural and fulfilling communication experience possible online, and we’re thrilled to bring it to Gear VR,” said AltspaceVR Founder & CEO Eric Romo. “AltspaceVR on Gear VR brings nearly all the features of our PC experience, but with the ease of use of mobile.”

Altspcae VR was first made available for Oculus Rift users. And according to Oculus, the app is now available in the Oculus Store.

According to the official website of Altspace VR, the app supports the following devices:

Samsung Gear VR/ Oculus DK2 / HTC Vive / Perception Neuron / Leap Motion / Microsoft Kinect

Source & Image Credits: Altspace VR/Techcrunch

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