Samsung to launch a VR movie studio in New York City

Samsung VR movie studio

Samsung just made its entry to the entertainment world by going a step ahead in its Virtual Reality ventures. Yes, the company is going to launch a VR movie studio in New York City.

Samsung announced at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah that it will open a VR movie studio in New York very soon. The company hasn’t disclosed much details on this matter. But, the studio will be located at one of the Samsung’s offices where the marketing team of the company is also present.

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Samsung also took it as an opportunity to announce a year-long partnership with the Sundance Institute, the organization in charge for the festival’s arrangement. According to the official site of Sundance festival, “The Sundance Film Festival brings the most original storytellers together with the most adventurous audiences for its annual program of dramatic and documentary films, shorts, New Frontier films, installations, performances, panel discussions, and dynamic music events.”

At Sundance Film Festival in 2015, we observed a similar announcement from the Facebook owned Oculus.  A VR movie studio called Oculus Story Studio was launched by Oculus last year. Now that the Samsung has also made its first step in the VR-entertainment, we can expect other big companies to follow the same path in the days ahead.

It is very evident that world is evolving from the smartphone era to an age of virtual reality. Therefore this move by Samsung to connect the worlds of entertainment and virtual reality will certainly receive a huge applause by the VR enthusiasts as well as the movie admirers. Because, Virtual Reality is all about entertainment at the end of the day.

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is already available in the market and thanks to its availability at a reasonable price, it is getting tremendous response in the VR Market and therefore we can say now that Samsung is also a front runner in the world of Virtual Reality.

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