Google finally allows promo codes for Apps in PlayStore

Google finally allows promo codes for apps in Playstore

You can now install and use your favorite paid-apps for free in Android, because Google finally allows promo codes for Apps in PlayStore. Using Promo Codes in PlayStore, users can not only avail paid apps for free, but also win an in-app product for free.

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It is up to developers to decide to add this feature in free apps as the option of “In-app promotions” will have to be integrated by the developer in order to enable promo codes in an app. Developers of paid apps can anyways skip this step and start the procedure afresh with the step of reviewing promo codes and its availability.

Developers can create 500 promo codes per every quarter. This is however a drawback as 500 is a very small number for a time that is as long as one quarter. Promo codes cannot be used for inactive in-app products or subscriptions. Developers can also view the paused, expired and active promotions in the Play Developer Console.

For those of you who do not want to use credit card details in Google Wallet for purchase, the addition of this feature might be of great help. A few weeks ago, a seven year old boy spent almost $6000 (around £4000) in an iOS game when his dad left the iPad unlocked. Using Promo Codes can avoid such incidents from happening if you haven’t added the Credit Card details.

Promo Codes isn’t a new thing and this feature has been available in iOS app store for a long time. It is also well known that several apps in PlayStore survive on Promo Codes. Although the entry of this feature might not help the Android to fetch users from other platforms in large numbers, we can expect the numbers to grow gradually as almost every app in iOS is available in PlayStore.

Source: Google Support

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