Flash Technology to vanish in 24 months

Flash Technology

Many observers in the technology world have been pretty sure about the end of Flash technology in the future. But that day is approaching sooner than expected, because, the days of Flash technology are numbered. A report in the Encoding.com says so.

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The prediction is followed by the report’s finding that the use of Flash declined by 15% in 2015. The report also points that while the technology has not vanished completely, it is used only in older browsers and banner ads. It also expects the Flash codec to disappear completely within the next 24 months.

The Global Media Format Report for 2016 says, “While Flash is still being used for specific uses and edge cases such as banner ads and legacy browsers, its days are numbered. Flash outputs decreased nearly 15% in 2015. We expect to see the Flash video codec disappear completely from our report with 24 months.”

Flash became a part of our world in the early 2000’s. It was used a lot to play online games, listen to music and watch videos online. But the improvements in the browsers plugins has made the current usage of flash technology insignificant. And in addition to that in the recent past, the flash technology was prone to several security vulnerabilities.

Browsers like Google Chrome have already killed and buried the flash technology. A lot of developers have already upgraded their sites to HTML5 for a good performance in the Chrome browser as the usage of Flash Technology results in the heavy draining of the battery life. Companies like Amazon and Facebook have also abandoned the Flash Technology. Therefore, we can assume that the Adobe may give up the Flash sooner or later.

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Source: Encoding.com

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