Google to Replace Password with smartphones

Google to Replace Password with smartphones

We’re living in an age where we are virtually connected with our friends and relatives through e-mail, chat and social networking platforms. And remembering passwords for every online site where we have an account is a huge job. Even for those of you who keep up a single password for all sites, it must be troublesome as it isn’t safe maintaining a single password for all sites.

But the good news is that Google is working on replacing the traditional password system with an app in your smartphone for authentication and the new method is under testing.

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Rohit Paul, a Reddit user was among the first few who were invited to test this new service. According to Rohit, an email invitation was received by him to join a group that tests a new technology on their devices.

The link for the group can be found here.

We have already another app “Google Authenticator” by Google that can be used instead of codes for verification in the 2-Step Verification, but you will have to enter the password always to get authenticated by this app and the new app under testing will save you the time from entering password every time.

Via AndroidPolice

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