A new breakup tool for Facebook users

A breakup tool for facebook users

Were you on a date that didn’t go well? Are you planning to block that person who hurt you so that you can stop seeing his/her posts in your News feed?

Facebook says that you can do a lot more than that without blocking. Thanks to new Facebook break up tool that would help the users to get over their breakup.

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According to Facebook, the company will begin to test the new break up tool that will help people to manage their relationships in the digital world by helping the users to distant from their ex- loved ones digitally.

The best part of this feature is that your friend will never be notified regarding the changes that you have set up. It’s a huge advantage as you can save yourself from blocking that person and enabling this feature would certainly bring a lot of space between both the parties.

Facebook will forward users to this tool once they make a change in their relationship status in mobile.

You can choose either to avoid seeing all the posts or selected posts from the person  in your News feed.

At the  same time, you can also limit what your friend will see from you in their News feed.

And while you set this whole thing up, the tool provides you a second chance where you can either choose to select the current privacy settings or go ahead to hide all from your ex.

Besides this, Facebook will also allow you to go through your posts in the past and untag yourself from them. You can untag from the posts one by one or all together at once. This saves you a lot of time from searching each and every photo and removing tag from each one of them.

For those of you who broke up a long time ago, you can still go back and use this tool.

This is currently available only for users in US in mobile app. Facebook may bring in further advancements before launching it globally.

On a whole, Facebook break up tool would certainly help a lot of its users to gain some space in the virtual world from their former loved ones.

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