how to turn off FaceTime in iPhone

How to turn off FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices

A bug has been found in the Group FaceTime feature for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Although, Apple has disabled the FaceTime feature on these devices to remove the flaw remotely. You... Read more »
How to block spam calls on Android on iPhone

How to block spam calls on Android phone and iPhones using TRAIs official DND app

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How to adjust the flashlight brightness on iPhone

How to adjust the flashlight brightness on iphone

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Automatically stop music on the iPhone

How to automatically stop music or videos on the iPhone

Everyone loves music, we listen it while we are alone, or travelling and even while trying to sleep. While, listening to music on your iPhone, you might have ended up catching few... Read more »
whatsapp forward message limit india

How to hide WhatsApp profile picture for specific contacts or multiple people

There are some times when you want you just want to be invisible on WhatsApp and need ‘ME’ time in your life. But, at times when you have been using the Facebook... Read more »