The Hidden Cost of Doing Things Yourself

There is often an in-built urge to forgo the additional cost that services require in order to do something yourself. This saves money, you might tell yourself, and if you can do it yourself, then why not?

Money isn’t everything, though. This independent route is certainly capable of offering benefits, but it might also come with costs that you don’t see at first. Understanding what those are can help you to judge each situation as it comes, knowing when it’s best to take something on yourself and when that financial cost behind enlisting a service might simply be worth it.

Stress – Emotional and Physical

Take a situation like moving, for instance. If the place that you’re moving to isn’t far away, and if you have a lot of overlap between when you have to be out of your current residence and can enter the new one, this gives you a relaxed time window to ship things back and forth. But hang on, you still might have to contend with work. That’s something that you can take time off for, but this won’t lead to a stress-free day, especially if you spend the whole time driving back and forth, carrying boxes and heavy items of furniture in and out of buildings. Asking friends and family for help can be transformative, but you have to align your schedules for this to be feasible.

Even just being aware of companies like can help you understand the different options that you have, and it might help you handle it in a stress-free manner that saves you from physical exhaustion.


In that same example, you might find that all of your free time between moving out of your current place and into your new one then becomes filled with physical toil. Relaxation is still important – especially if you’re trying to unwind from the stress that this situation is causing you.

Just to have some time to yourself, you might consider spending some money to smooth over the process. The cost of time is one that feels easy to pay ahead of time. When you’re planning out this time, gritting your teeth through a week or two of endless toil doesn’t sound so bad, but the reality might be much more oppressive than you expect.

The Quality of the Result

While this won’t always be true, you might also find that while you yourself are able to deliver a satisfactory result, it might not be up to the same quality as having a professional take care of it for you. This might be more applicable to something like home decor if you’re planning on renovating an aspect of your home yourself. If you’re confident about it being within your skillset, that’s one thing, but if you’re just taking it on yourself to avoid the cost of hiring someone, you might find yourself having to pay that cost down the line in order to rectify an aspect of your own work that you aren’t happy with.

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