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Azure is a popular cloud tool used worldwide, and its cloud capabilities must also come with great support for its extensive use. Azure isn’t left behind, as various support services are available to help users get the most out of the platform it is built for.

If you have been a user of Azure or are considering it, you must know about the Azure Support Services that currently exist for your perusal. In this article, let’s look into how Azure Support Services or Azure Consulting can be your savior.

Azure Support Plan to Serve Your Needs

Whether you are a developer looking for this service or a business seeking additional support to get things right, you need to know how this can serve your purpose. Let’s begin by understanding the 4 Azure Support Services plans offered by Azure.

1. Plan – Trial, Development, and Testing

This plan is for a developer in a business or an individual using it for a trial and evaluation purpose or in a non-production environment, offered at the very lowest price for the option of technical support.

It’s nothing but $ 29 / month, which is predominantly technical support for reactive situations and it’s not that you only get the solution for Microsoft technologies. Still, also non-Microsoft technologies running on Azure but that would be only for selected technologies.

With the Azure Service dashboard given to you, you can submit issues online for support requests 24/7 and receive responses in less than 8 hours.

2. Plan – Production Workload

Now let’s talk about the situation where you are working in a production environment and deploying your workload. Here,  you need technical assistance in less time than what was offered in the previous plan for a non-production environment.

If your business dependence on Azure is less critical and you are a small to mid-sized company, this plan suits you. With everything in the previous plan, the initial time response in this one is a bit different within less than one hour and you can submit an issue request 24/7. With this, you can set the issues based on severity.

All this comes at $100 per month.

3. Plan – Business Critical Function

If the matter is more serious and you need advisory services at a faster time than normal, you can also escalate high-severity incidents from a pool that has collaborative management to solve your issues. This service is also known by the name Pro Direct or Professional Direct.

The use case of this support is more valid for those whose dependency on Microsft Azure is substantially greater as a business in mid-level to large companies. For extremely critical support requests, you can expect an initial response in less than an hour, with escalation management there to handle all your priority issues.

When we mentioned the advisory services, that guidance is given so that you implement best practices with a plan for migration and deployments, for improving security, boosting performance, enhancing the option of recoverability and reliability, and the hybrid cloud solution plan.

In this plan, you also get a pooled team to help you with the Azure services, where you get consultations by advisors, outage communications, webinars to ask from the experts, a session for getting started with Prodirect, and reviews for the services taken.

All this in service, Azure Service Dashboard, is supported online with an initial response in less than 1 hour for $1000 per month.

4. Plan – Comprehensive Microsoft Technology Support

If the support is for services across the company or enterprise that may be either for Microsoft technologies or Azure, this plan out here is the right one to go with. The solutions crafted here are for reducing your time-to-value which is mostly outcome-driven.

With outcome-driven support, what are you getting?

  1. Proactively protect the organization as you get advice on managing IT health.
  2. You get to boost the outcomes by partnering with the experts at Microsoft, who will implement solutions for you by co-designing and configuring.
  3. Change the unified package plan by customizing it to suit the priorities of your business.
  4. Proactively manage your IT health by educating your team with tools and training that are tailored to your needs.

So this is a big package of tech support, account management, cloud assistance, escalation management, IT health, advisory services, enhanced solutions, training, and proactive services.

The pricing for this is a bit complicated to explain, rather, you can explore it here.

How do you take care of the entire thing?

So you have subscribed to the Azure Support Services plan. Now you need to keep track of all the resources, for which you have a real-time dashboard, and get recommendations and alerts there to manage and optimize your resources. You would get alerts on service issues and any services that are planned for maintenance.

You can go ahead and proactively monitor the telemetry data by collecting, analyzing, and acting on it for performance maximization and ensuring your applications are available by figuring out the problems, if any, beforehand.

On the analysis of the usage, you can optimize your Azure resources as you can receive the personalized recommendations that we send to you based on the best practices followed in the industry.

Your Call

Have you got a situation where you need Azure support services or Azure consulting help? You need to hit a plan if you don’t have resources dedicated for this in the in-house team and specifically when the severity of the issue hits an A, although don’t take B and C any lightly.

Azure Support Services can help you in this situation, especially when all the services in your business rely on Microsoft Azure Services.

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