Why is Climate Change So Detrimental to the Planet?

Far and away the biggest contributor to global warming and climate change is the constant release of more and more carbon dioxide into the environment and atmosphere, as burning fossil fuels (namely gas, coal, and oil) accounts for over three-quarters of greenhouse emissions.

Climate change poses a wide plethora of serious and concerning risks and effects on and to the natural world and by extension, to animals and humans as well.

With that in mind, the following article highlights the reasons why climate change is so detrimental to the planet.

A Lack of Food Supplies

Noticeable changes in the climate, no matter in which country you reside, are leading to extreme weather (sometimes on the same day) events that have a direct effect on poor nutrition and hunger.

Livestock, fisheries, and crops are all reducing in productivity and yield due to the unpredictable weather conditions and rising temperatures, and together with the increased acidity levels in the world’s oceans, billions of people are at risk of reduced health as a result.

Atmospheric Carbon Pollution 

As every year goes by, the levels of carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere are becoming a serious threat to animal and plant life, as well as to the health of humankind, which is why everyone from leading industry bosses to the average man on the street, should work to prepare for net zero.

Essentially, net zero is the projected vision to entirely eradicate any sign of carbon dioxide being released by industry manufacturing into the atmosphere, and as atmospheric carbon is responsible for over three-quarters of the factors influencing climate change, this is a mandatory target.

Melting Ice Caps

Due to the simple fact that most citizens have only ever seen ice glaciers on nature programs on television (and in the movie Titanic), it can often feel as if the fact that ice caps in the oceans are melting due to climate change is not a serious issue.

However, the reality is that melting ice caps and rising ocean levels mean less fresh water being delivered to homes and businesses across the world; more difficulty in receiving and transporting crucial supplies between countries; and a wide range of animal species being threatened, endangered, and even eradicated.

In addition, coastal communities are also becoming endangered due to rising sea levels as this can lead to coastal flooding, destruction of commercial buildings and private properties, and surges in the severity of storms.

Global Warming

Finally, a phrase you will no doubt already be familiar with, global warming is also of huge concern and is an issue that needs to be addressed sooner, rather than later.

Essentially, global warming is happening due to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, unlike nitrogen and oxygen, carbon dioxide acts as a reflector of heat, which is why the average temperatures are continually rising.

Global warming also contributes to higher numbers of people losing their lives (particularly young children and the elderly) as the rising temperatures directly impact the rising numbers of emergency room visits and deaths across the country.

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