How to Find Songs on YouTube by Humming: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Have you ever found yourself with a catchy tune stuck in your head, struggling to recall the song’s name or lyrics? In such moments, many of us turn to apps like Shazam to solve the musical mystery. However, YouTube has recently introduced a nifty solution to this conundrum, allowing you to find a song by simply humming, singing, or whistling it. This innovative feature lets you use your vocal prowess to search for the song you’re looking for, and here’s how to use it:

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How to find a song on YouTube by humming a tune

  1. Open the YouTube App: Begin by launching the YouTube app on your mobile device.
  2. Access the Search Function: After entering the application, simply touch the Search icon situated at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Enable Microphone Access: Next to the search bar, you’ll find a microphone icon. Tap on it to activate the hum-to-search feature. YouTube may request permission to access your device’s microphone for this function. If privacy is a concern, you can grant microphone access only while using the app or disable it after using the feature.
  4. Hum, Sing, or Whistle: Now that the microphone is activated, you have the ability to hum, sing, or whistle the melody of the song you aim to recognize. YouTube will utilize this audio input to conduct the search.
  5. Review and Select the Result: YouTube will present you with a list of results that match your humming or singing. In most cases, it’s quite accurate in identifying the song. If the result is accurate, just tap on it to access the song. If it doesn’t quite hit the mark, you can tap the microphone icon again and try humming the tune one more time.

It’s crucial to emphasize that this functionality may not be accessible to all YouTube users in India at the present time. It seems to be rolling out gradually, primarily targeting Android users, particularly those using the beta version of the app. Unfortunately, there’s no information available regarding when this feature will become accessible to iOS users. You should know YouTube was one of the first platforms to boast the modern-day influencer.

In conclusion, with this handy feature, you can swiftly identify that elusive song that’s been playing in your head, eliminating the need for a separate music identification app.

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