How YouTube Has Changed the World for Marketers

How YouTube Has Changed the World for Marketers

Founded in 2005, nobody at the time knew what a powerhouse YouTube would go on to become in the digital sphere. From simple videos with a handful of views, YouTube now pulls in over one billion users every single month. With this, it’s the second-most visited website on the internet.

As well as changing the lives of everyday people, YouTube has also changed the game for marketers. Here are just some examples of how YouTube has helped marketers.

Become an Industry Leader

The first way that YouTube has changed the world for marketers is that it has provided opportunities to become a market leader. Every day, consumers head onto YouTube to find tutorials, how-to guides, and other content. While some search for golf club tips, others look for advice regarding cutting a lawn, buying food ingredients, or fixing a bathroom tap.

As a business or marketer, it’s time for you to step up and create this content, there isn’t a better example to learn from than this digital marketing agency. Their CEO has really leveraged Youtube to generate leads and create business opportunities that never existed before. The beauty of YouTube is that it’s the largest video-sharing website in the world, and the competition doesn’t even come close. In other words, you don’t need to split your attention between several platforms. Instead, you can feel confident that most of your audience will find your content when uploaded to YouTube.

Over time, businesses can upload several videos and show their knowledge and experience in the field. Suddenly, customers click onto the video and get the help that they need. You’re seen as a credible service and an authority in the industry. Previously, no platform allowed businesses to do this through the medium of video. What’s even better is that YouTube is free!

Work with Influencers

As well as uploading your videos, YouTube has changed the world for marketers by allowing them to work with influencers too. These days, thousands of YouTube users have a following worth tapping into (and within your niche too!).

Let’s say that you have a clothing brand, one technique is to start uploading your videos. However, this will take some time and it’s somewhat of a slow burner. If you want faster results, you can team up with somebody that already has an established following. As a clothing brand, you could partner with a fashion YouTuber.

Why does this work? Because YouTube subscribers trust the opinions of their favorite personalities. They mention your brand in a video, viewers click through to your website, and a percentage spend money. Naturally, you’ll need to be honest with viewers and explain the nature of your relationship with the influencer. If the influencer receives a commission for sales, this should always be clear.

To summarize, the second way that YouTube has changed the world for marketers is by providing influencer opportunities. In fact, YouTube was one of the first platforms to boast the modern-day influencer. Well over a decade ago, gaming YouTubers would have partnerships with gaming companies.

Customer Engagement

Thirdly, YouTube opened businesses up to a whole new world of interactivity with customers. Many moons ago, customers would have to pick up the phone or write a letter to contact a business. They were simply entities that couldn’t be contacted in a hurry. Now, prospective customers can ask questions on a business’s YouTube video and get answers within a few minutes.

Therefore, it has closed the gap between businesses and customers. Once you combine this with the new environment of influencers and the opportunity to become an industry leader, businesses can meet several marketing goals with just one platform!

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