Five Methods to Fix Runtime Error 424 “Object Required” in Excel

The runtime error 424 in Excel is a VBA error that usually occurs when the application fails to recognize the objects in the VBA code. These Excel objects include cells, worksheets, pivot charts, forms, and reports. The error appears when you use VBA code to perform any actions on objects of the Excel file. This post summarizes the causes behind this error and mentions some effective methods to fix it. Among these methods, Excel file repair is the quickest method to eliminate the Object-required error in Excel.   Let’s read more about the error.

What Causes the Runtime Error 424 in Excel?

The error 424 in Excel indicates an issue with the object mentioned in the VBA code. You might have declared the object incorrectly or the object you are calling in the code does not exist. It can occur if you have not spelled the object correctly. Sometimes, missing reference libraries can also cause this error. In addition, this error may occur due to:

  • Incorrect Macro settings
  • Incompatible Add-ins
  • Incorrect functions/methods used in code

Five Methods to Resolve Runtime Error 424-Object Required in Excel

You can follow the below-given troubleshooting methods to get rid of the runtime error 424 in Excel.

Method 1: Check Objects

The runtime error 424 – “Object required” indicates that Excel has failed to access the object in VBA code. To troubleshoot this, open the Excel file, go to the Developer section, and click Visual Basic to open Microsoft Visual Basic Editor. Then, check the following in the VBA code:

  • If there are misspelled object names.
  • You are referring to the correct objects in the code.
  • You have provided a valid object qualifier while referencing the property of the specific object.
  • You have correctly assigned object references by using Set statements.
  • You are performing the right action on the object in the code.

Method 2: Add Missing Reference Library

In Excel, the reference library defines the objects you use in the code. If you are using the objects from the library that are missing, it can cause the runtime error 424 in Excel. Ensure you have the necessary references library added to your VBA project module. To verify and add missing references, open the VBA Editor and click on References.

Method 3: CheckMacro Settings

The error 424 in Excel can also appear if the Excel Macro Settings restrict the VBA execution. It usually occurs if Macros settings are disabled. To check and enable the Macro Settings, go to the Developer option in the Excel file and then click Macro Settings. Then, select the Enable all macros option.

Method 4: Uninstall Faulty or Incompatible Excel Add-ins

In Excel, you can get the error 424 if some Excel Add-ins are faulty or incompatible with your Excel version. You can check for such Add-ins and uninstall them to troubleshoot the error. Follow the below steps:

Method 5: Repair Your Excel File

Sometimes, a corrupted Excel file can cause runtime errors, such as error 424. In such a case, repairing the corrupt Excel file can help you fix the error. You can use Excel’s inbuilt utility- Open and Repair to repair the file. Here is how to use it:

  • In Excel, go to File and then click Open.
  • Select the corrupted file.
  • The Open dialog box is displayed. Click on the selected file.
  • Click on the arrow next to the Open button and then choose the Open and Repair option.
  • Click the Repair option to recover as much of the file’s data as possible.

The Open and Repair tool can sometimes fail to repair highly corrupted Excel files. In such a case, you can take the help of a third-party Excel repair software. There are a number of Excel repair tools available in the market. Stellar Repair for Excel is one such tool that is recommended by MVPs and experts to repair corrupt Excel files quickly and easily. This software contains advanced algorithms that can help in repairing even severely corrupted Excel files and recovering all the objects from the file. It can help in fixing corruption-related errors, including runtime error 424.

End Note

Several factors are responsible for runtime error 424 in the Excel file, including invalid objects, incorrect syntax of the objects, missing parameters during object initialization, corrupted objects, and disabled Macro settings. You can follow the above methods to resolve the issue. However, if the Excel file is corrupted, then use a reliable Excel file repair software, such as Stellar Repair for Excel to repair the damaged or corrupted file. The tool is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel, including 2019. Download the free version of the software to scan the Excel file and preview the recoverable objects.

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