Join Trends of Gojek Like App 2023: How to Start Your Own Business

How to Start Your Own Business

Currently, the marketplace platforms have been on top of all demands among people from all over. They can seek a variety of services at their fingertips just by accessing a single solution on their devices, ranging from ordering meals to transferring money helpful fulfill their requirements in the meantime. Gaining this advantage was soon known by numerous smartphone users, and the need for such applications rose like nothing else worldwide.

Statistics for 2022 say that 72% of customers across the globe are keen to utilize super apps in their daily lives. Behind generating such a huge need for using multi-service platforms among people, there are numerous brands responsible. It involves, Rappi, Hugo, Gojek, Grab, etc.

Despite all those platforms being used by people worldwide, Gojek came under the spotlight by becoming an Indonesian Unicorn. There are about 38 million monthly active users in Southeast Asia of Gojek, indicating its terrific demands. Hence, if you are motivated to step into a multi-service segment, then knowing several things and reasons for making the Gojek like app worthwhile for your enterprise, discussed in this post, will assist you for the same.

Things To Keep In Mind While Initiating a Venture By Getting Gojek Similar Platform

Entering a super app market by getting a solution like Gojek is a challenging task. You need to think of many elements. Otherwise, just launching it without considering anything would possibly lead to harsh outcomes for your venture. So, to avoid the downfall, as a startup owner, you are required to consider certain components mentioned below when developing a Gojek similar app. They play an essential role in determining the direction of your enterprise’s progress chart.

Recognize Your Requirements

To receive a Gojek like platform developed, the first task you should accomplish is gathering your needs and ideas about a solution. It can be done by identifying your rivals, assessing attributes offered by them, issues people face while using their apps, missing features that can ease their difficulties, surveying user preferences, etc. Knowing such details lets you figure out your business requisites for getting a suitable Gojek similar application.

Select Attributes, Design, And Tech Stack For Gojek like Solution

When your venture needs are spotted, you should choose a specific set of features and design for your app like Gojek. The platform consisting of demystifying and unique attributes and design concepts applied that are helpful for fulfilling the purposes of users efficiently tends to become their choice. Once all such elements are pre-defined, before building a solution, decide the particular technology eligible for embedding them in it.

Set Budget And Get It Created

Finalize the number of resources to be invested in terms of time and money for making Gojek like solutions for your enterprise. It can be done by enlisting several IT companies to develop an application like Gojek. Analyze the price range of each of them. Doing so will assist you in setting the budget for creating Gojek’s similar multi-service platform and also help in receiving it at an affordable rate.

Promote And Launch

After getting an app like Gojek ready for your enterprise from technology partners, you need to follow the Gojek marketing strategy for promoting it will assist your venture in making a strong appeal to users. When enough publicity is done, launch a Gojek similar solution in an application store along with uploading some screenshots describing functionalities equipped inside it.

Referring to the above actions for building a Gojek like platform capable of meeting the requirements of your business, you must have got a clearer vision for the same. Now, why you, as an entrepreneur, should spend your money on developing it is described in the following section.

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What Makes Gojek Clone Worth For Your Investment?

As a startup owner, you might want to ensure whether a Gojek similar platform deserves your investment. The answer to your question is yes; it is worth putting your money into, as it improves your enterprise by certain aspects compared to the conventional venture. Which are they? Refer to each of them discussed below:

Improvises Scalability And Manageability

Using a solution similar to Gojek, you can easily perform the tedious work of your business. It is because you don’t need to perform numerous operations manually to run your trade, which includes tracking employees’ activity, analyzing the profit of your enterprise based on sales, generating the salary report of workers, etc. All these actions get automated and contribute significantly to improving the venture’s manageability.

Thus, Gojek’s similar marketplace solution allows you to accomplish many predicament tasks of business stated earlier quickly. But, it continues the same performance even when your application has massive user traffic. Furthermore, it also permits you to tailor attributes as per your enterprise’s requirements, which helps it to rise higher in the market. In this way, it enhances the manageability and scalability of a venture more than ever before.

Stretches the Profit Margins

Your business gets equipped with various revenue channels that are followed in a platform similar to Gojek. When compared with a traditional approach, your enterprise starts serving different facilities to people from a single solution. Hence, integrating numerous services will evidently assist your venture in earning a considerable income. Besides these, you can also generate huge revenue by charging a fixed proportion amount from stakeholders and by displaying advertisements of brands on your application. 

Powerful Online Presence

Running an enterprise online means you can market it on various platforms. Especially on social media, as most users are busy spending their time surfing such apps. According to 2023 statistics, there was a tremendous growth in social users by 10.1% reported in 2022. It indicates that promoting your business in front of a large pool of users will help in fetching a huge audience to utilize your application similar to Gojek.

Parting Words:

You must have observed an immense demand for Gojek by looking at the vast number of users across Southeast Asia utilizing its application. So, if you plan to get a Gojek like app, is it worth investing your capital? If yes, what elements to remember while creating it are mentioned. Reading them will help you in receiving an appropriate Gojek similar solution and support you for the same.

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