What Will Be The Face of Cloud Computing in 2023?

Face of Cloud Computing in 2023

As more and more businesses now eye adopting cloud technology for various purposes globally, the cloud industry will not stagnate in the coming years. As business dynamics continue to change, both small and large companies continue adopting the cloud and expect it to evolve further over time. Following the global pandemic and the popular stay-at-home mandates that drove digital transformation, you might also want to focus on cloud-hosted applications for your customers and employees. 

As we close 2022, cloud transformation initiatives remain in the fast lane. Wondering what 2023 holds in the form of cloud computing trends? Let’s get into the details.

1. Dependency of hybrid work culture on the cloud

While restrictions raised due to the pandemic have now been eased, a significant portion of employees globally continues to work remotely. Since a remote work environment is mutually beneficial for both employers and employees, it has led to adopt a hybrid work model. This requires the backing of cloud computing to support the flexibility to work from home or the office.

In terms of statistics, global spending on public cloud services is expected to grow at 20.7% to reach $591.8 billion in 2023 (Gartner). 

The emergence of cloud-based tools for team communication, collaboration, file sharing, and project management will remain a high priority for companies in the coming year. Also, the demand for hybrid work models in the long term is creating the required push for the availability of cloud-based solutions and tools.

2. Sustainability goals to be backed by cloud technology

In 2023, more and more companies are expected to leverage the efficiency of cloud computing to fulfill their sustainability goals. A recent survey confirmed that more than 80% of businesses consider sustainability a critical criterion to drive their IT buying decisions. Also, it is expected that 85% of companies will see a significant increase in IT spending backed by the cloud to support sustainable efficiencies.

It can be because cloud solution providers can financially invest in IT infrastructure for their clients to achieve economies of scale that individual companies simply can not. As a result, running a business application hosted on the cloud is more efficient than the traditional on-premise setup and reduces carbon footprint. 

While it is up to you to transition from on-premise software to cloud-backed solutions, you can expect this trend to become a buzzword in the following year. 

3. Emergence of XaaS

Anything as a service, also known as XaaS, describes a category of cloud computing services delivered to end users via the Internet. The service charges are paid under a flexible consumption model rather than any upfront license cost or expenses.

The growing popularity of XaaS can be attributed to the fact that it combines software, analytics, support, cloud hosting, and more in one place. As a result, they can meet the client’s demands and pay for outcomes instead of the time spent using the services. Besides this, it also allows organizations to free up resources for improved innovation and streamline operations. The XaaS market is expected to reach $624.1 billion by 2027.

How Can a Cloud Solution Provider Help Your Business Grow?

If you have realized the need for cloud-based business transformation but haven’t yet joined the bandwagon, you would probably need professional assistance. A renowned cloud service provider can help you seamlessly transition to the cloud. Whether it is about hosting your business data or applications on the cloud or providing managed cloud services, you can count on the service provider to get things done right. 

Take the case of Verito Technologies – a trusted application hosting provider that helps businesses easily get on the cloud. Top-notch security, uninterrupted cloud server access, and timely backups, to name a few – you can get it all under their unified hosting plans.

Cloud Computing in 2023 and Beyond

By this time, tech-oriented organizations have passed the point of arguing about the benefits of cloud technology for the better. Instead, 2023 is a bright, prosperous year for various industries benefiting from cloud computing. Also, you will undoubtedly need cloud-centric solutions to bring innovation to your business. 

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