Breaking Down Eight Benefits of Hosting Mobile App on Cloud

Benefits of Hosting Mobile App on Cloud

Cloud computing and cloud hosting have become the most powerful components of modern mobile apps. Cloud no longer refers to just storage and hosting technologies, but it now provides fully equipped remote computing platforms for the web and mobile apps. 

App spending for some years has been increasing rapidly because of the focus on utilizing the most advanced tools ensuring optimum performance and user experience. Naturally, apps are now opting for highly equipped cloud platforms to gain advantages in terms of performance and superior user experience. 

Cloud computing and hosting represents a highly useful innovation empowering digital solutions in a never-before manner. Cloud platforms are highly scalable, tremendously versatile and exceptionally flexible, and this is why performance-savvy apps are increasingly opting for cloud platforms. 

Enterprise apps in Ireland now mostly rely upon cloud hosting for the huge performance boost and scalable solutions. Businesses opting for mobile app development in Galway, Dublin, or other Irish cities primarily consider cloud platforms for their hosting needs. 

Let us explain here some of the key reasons why mobile app development projects are opting for cloud hosting now. 

Reduced development cost 

One can easily do away with purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware by opting for cloud-based mobile apps. Cloud-based apps, while ensuring optimum efficiency of operation across networks and devices, reduce spending on maintenance.

Cloud platforms can play an important role in the mobile app design process through their integrated UI automation tools. Since cloud hosting stays upgraded and like physical servers, you don’t need to bear the cost of hardware upgrading, which saves a lot of cost for the app projects. On the other hand, you can free up the time of your IT staff responsible for looking after the hardware upgrade. 

Optimum scalability 

The cloud platform ensures optimum scalability of app performance—the advantages offered by cloud hosting range across all types of apps irrespective of size and niches. A small and simple app starting with a dozen users can scale to the size of a large app with million users over a span of a few years. In both cases, cloud support will continue to evolve as the app grows in user volume.  

The ability to scale up and down is cost-effective since you don’t need to step up to upgrade hardware capacity. Instead of scaling up a physical server and data centre, all the evolving requirements are taken care of by the cloud service provider. 

Serving multiple device clients simultaneously 

Mobile apps are used across a whole array of devices representing different configurations and OS platforms. An app can be used on smartphones, tablets, desktops, wearable devices, etc. The cloud hosting server can smoothly accommodate each device and OS client because of its ability to Multi-tenancy.  

Mobile apps always work better on servers accommodating multiple devices and OS clients, representing a maze of various devices across different OS platforms. This is where cloud hosting appears to be the right solution. The equipment and software of traditional data centres are not optimized to accommodate multiple clients in a synchronous manner. 

On the cost front, this ability to accommodate multiple clients actually result in considerable cost savings. When the app’s user volume grows across different regions representing diverse device-OS combinations, making the traditional servers and data centres equipped for all these combinations of devices and OS clients requires a huge IT investment. Cloud hosting just smoothly accommodates diverse user clients without a spike in cost or dip in performance. 

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Easier for adhering to compliance standards 

Another major and widely popular advantage of cloud hosting is easier adherence to compliance and regulation standards. Since there are specific regulations and compliance standards for each industry or business sector, a mobile app representing an industry needs to maintain the same compliance. Cloud hosting platforms are equipped to meet compliance and security standards naturally. Hence cloud platforms can easily help your mobile app from paying hefty fines against breaching compliance and security standards. 

For example, we can refer to the HIPAA compliance regulations for protecting patient privacy. These are particular rules and regulations ruling the security, safety, and manageability of the health app users and connected healthcare devices corresponding to access to patients’ medical records and personal information. An app can configure data accessibility as per HIPAA regulations and prevent unauthorized access to data with a cloud-based platform.

Optimum Efficiency

Enterprise apps directly communicating with their customers and business stakeholders need to regularly deal with a massive amount of data. Since enterprises are likely to cater to millions of users, they need to ensure optimum efficiency and robust capacity for storing and using data in bulk volume. 

The physical servers with their static storage capacity are not equipped to store and manage such a huge amount of data and their corresponding workload. This is where you can get the advantages of availing of cloud hosting services. 

Zero compatibility issues 

When you use the traditional hosting server for your mobile app, you are likely to encounter any compatibility issues. On the other hand, cloud platforms are flexible to accommodate diverse OS platforms and tech specifications. 

By embracing the cloud hosting services, an app doesn’t require to ponder over the compatible operating systems. Most cloud platforms support interoperability to ensure the smooth performance of apps irrespective of the OS platform and technology stack. 


Lastly, cloud platforms are much more reliable than traditional hosting servers because of their powerful processing capabilities. This is why almost all the leading apps across every niche today use cloud hosting. An increasing number of promising startups creating new growth stories have found the perfect scalable alley with cloud hosting.  

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