5 things to know before you hire an Android app developer

Hire Android App Developers

Smartphones have become one of the most important parts of our lives. With the help of a smartphone, we can perform complex tasks in no time. On the other hand, apps are irreplaceable to execute all our work anytime, anywhere. As the demand for smartphones is increasing, so is the need for app development. Business organizations are spending hours hiring Android app developers for their next project.

Both IOS and Android are continuously working hard to be at the spot of the number. The first and foremost thing that all companies do before hiring an Android app developer is to figure out the total number of users in their niche business industry. If you search on Google for “Android app development services,” you will come across thousands of them. However, some prefer to hire an Android app developer to get bespoke work experience.

5 Things To Consider When You Hire an Android App Developer For Your Next Project.

1. Contact Professionals Instead of Locals:

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional Android app developer is that you get outstanding maintenance for your project. Besides, you will gain the best after-sale service from them. Speaking of other benefits, you can get to know the whole app development process right from project management to development. You can track every step right from the start till the end. In the initial finding stage, in-depth analysis and thorough research are always recommended. Because you can assure the best quality work from them and also you can count on them for your future job. This practice will help you in making a high return on investment.

2. Attractive Portfolio:

This is yet another crucial thing that you need to take care of when you hire Android app developers. Go through all the portfolios and profiles you get when you get ready for the hiring process. Examine all the apps they have developed, download them, use them, and analyze all the features and functionalities in the app. When you are downloading their apps, make sure you don’t miss reading the comments about the app on that particular app store.

The potential of any developer can be known by the industry where he is working, by understanding his working methodology. Also, check your experience in the market and expertise in the latest techniques such as Java, Android Studio, Eclipse, etc. When you hire an Android developer, you must check his ability to accept challenges. Also, you should select the one that can give you outstanding mobile app development service.

3. Excellent App Development Skill-Set:

This is one of the essential qualities that you must look at when you are hiring a developer. Here are the three crucial characteristics you should look for in developers when you are hiring them.

Experience: A developer should have at least 4-6 years of experience in the Android App development industry. He should also be qualified enough to handle a team in an organization.

Excellent decision-making skills: A developer should continuously put his presence of mind on your project instead of doing it when required. He must be capable enough to give unique ideas and suggestions which are helpful for your project.

Other skill sets: An Android developer should be certified with the course and have a firm knowledge of various programming languages like Java, XML, etc. He should also have in-depth knowledge of different Android SDKs, various APIs, and sound communication skills.

Though code is the most critical part of the app development process, Android application is something more than code. A developer should have a complete awareness of designing, coding, product management, and much more. The developer should also be able to think beyond an app like how you can make it with the help of an application.

4. Thorough Knowledge Of Apps Documentation:

Documentation is the most important factor in the app development process. It plays a vital role when you want to make changes to your project after some time. Ask for reliable documentation for your project. This will act as readily available information, which will later guide you in adding new functionalities to your mobile application. Here is the list of things that a typical application development documentation includes:

  • Name of the application
  • App version
  • Name of the server
  • Actual server location
  • IP address
  • A URL to reach the app
  • User account information
  • Operating system
  • Directory path for the code
  • Detailed information about the contract

5. Communicate With The Developer Personally:

Only skills and qualities are not enough in app development. A developer should be able to understand all your needs and should know how to deal with them. The company providing Android App development services should have a great company culture. The nature of a developer should be easy-going and friendly. He should be able to communicate all the advancements in the project. He should also be able to find quick solutions to all the problems clients face in the app.

Final verdict

These are some of the qualities that you must look into when you hire an Android app developer for your company. If you are a startup and planning to develop a mobile application for your business, you must read the points mentioned above. For the last couple of years, Guru Technolabs has been the best place to hire Android developers for your next project. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced developers who have years of experience in the Android application industry. With their knowledge and skills, they can develop intuitive and user-friendly apps for their clients.

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