Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Include Posters in Their Advertising Mix

Classical marketing theory recommends businesses use a variety of tactics to reach their target audiences. However, small businesses have little money and can’t implement costly advertising campaigns. They need to discover and rely on outreach campaigns they can use strategically at a low cost. In a world increasingly being dominated by digital media, the humble poster, first used in the mid-19th century, can still be used by small businesses with good effect. According to a Forbes report, paper-based marketing is significantly more effective than screen-based. Some of the most compelling reasons for small businesses to use posters:


One of the top reasons small businesses use posters for advertising and announcing sales promotions, and more, is their affordability. Posters are easy to design and print, and they cost very little. You can print as many as you like using modern digital printers, which translates to good savings since there is no wastage. It costs little to put them up; you don’t need any special skills or tools, and the process is quick and easy. Compared to conventional mass marketing in newspapers, radio, and TV, posters are easier to budget for by small businesses due to smaller outlays.

High Visibility 

Everyone knows the power of a poster. A well-designed custom poster displayed in a prominent location has a pull like nothing else. It is guaranteed to stop people in their tracks with its visual appeal and compelling text. Because of their high visibility, it can be a very effective tool for boosting the brand awareness of your business or communicating important messages.

High Credibility

There is something about printed matter that makes it more trustworthy than onscreen content. Like newspapers and magazines, posters also enjoy a high degree of trust by people. Posters enjoy high credibility because you see them in public places, according to behavioral scientists. People like to believe any communication in public is less likely to be false.


The great thing about posters is they are extremely versatile, which means businesses of all kinds can use them to communicate any message they like. As long as you are confident that your target audience has the opportunity to see your posters, you can go ahead and use them to advertise or communicate whatever you need to. Since you can be creative in the composition of graphics and text content, you can tailor them to the preferences of your customers. Though rectangular posters are the most popular, you can have them designed and printed in any shape and size for better impact.


Even though you can implement a poster campaign all over the town, it is best used for local advertising campaigns in the proximity of the retail presence of the business. While it can take a lot of time and effort to carry out a poster campaign on a large scale, it is always possible to perform an intensive campaign in the areas close to the store without spending too much time, effort, and money. Displaying the posters in high-traffic areas fetches the best response.

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