Why Neon Signs Work So Well for Attracting Foot Traffic

Neon Signs Work So Well for Attracting Foot Traffic

One of the biggest challenges for any storefront or shop is to attract the people who are in the area to come in and spend some time. In order to do this, the neon sign has been used for years and found to be quite effective in many situations. They are bright and grab attention, are easy to read and clear in their information, and make it clear that the business is open.


When out seeing the sites or going to another location, people will occasionally not take real notice of the buildings and businesses that are around them. For example, a neon sign is bright and colorful to gain the attention of those who are passing by and let them know that they are open. Some will change colors or will flash to take advantage of the changes and movement to get the attention of those who may be passing. Even in peripheral vision, they will gain attention. People will turn their heads to see what it is, encouraging them to go inside or at least take note of the business for later. Most neon signs for sale in Australia will surely stand out amongst the backdrop of almost any building and is well-lit to ensure it is easy to see day and night. Even when bad weather approaches and there is rain or snow, the neon sign will show people where it is and beckon them to come inside to be warm and dry.

Easy to Read

While other signs can be hard to read with their small print, glare from the sun on the windows or doors, or difficulty to see through snow or rain, the neon sign remains easy to spot and can be read through all of these. Large neon signs high about a business or roadway can attract people from miles around as it is seen through all weather and announces itself proudly. Fast food restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores use this to show their location to customers who are looking for them and help people remember where to turn or how to find their favorite stores. The contrast between a backlit neon sign and its lettering makes it clear and easy to read even at a distance. This allows people to find what they are looking for, and in an area where there is much business that they frequent, they can plan to spend an afternoon shopping and easily locate the stores they need.

Clear Communication

A neon sign offers clear communication of where a store is located and can guide people to that area. It will grab the attention of those walking by when on the building, or when up in the air it attracts drivers and shows them the way. These are key tools for showing where the store is, that it is open, and often needed after a move to help people find the new location, hours, and even directions.

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