How Do I Hire A Magento 2 Developer?

How Do I hire a Magento Developer

Magento is the largest and most complicated eCommerce building platform, and this is the reason why businesses who are seeking to develop their eCommerce store on Magento look to hire a certified and proficient Magento developer. 

A well-versed Magento developer with coding and functionality is highly compatible with designing a powerful, highly functional, and robust eCommerce store that you always want for your business. Lately, in 2015, Magento upgrade its version from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for more scalability, and flexibility and added more technicalities to the platform for better eCommerce website development. Hence this made it important for business owners to look for a proficient Magento 2 developer if they want to build their e-commerce store on the latest version of Magento. 

5 Crucial Steps To Hire The Magento 2 Developer

Hiring A Magento 2 developer will help you accomplish your project more effectively and with the most outright solutions. Hiring the right Magento 2 also helps you retrieve the enormous benefits from the Magento platform that you would never get from the ordinary website developer. A certified Magento developer is well-known for the features and functionalities of the Magento platforms. 

As the platform is complicated, finding a certified, experienced, and professional Magento 2 developer is a more difficult task. There are several things that you have to consider while hiring a Magento 2 developer. Here below, we are mentioning the five crucial steps that you should look at before and while hiring a Magento 2 developer to get the best end result.  

This small guide will help you hire the best Magento 2 developer, so make sure to read it till the end. 

1.   Figure Out Your Requirements

Your first step should be figuring out what are your exact requirements with the Magento project; only then it will be possible for you to perfectly make your developer understand the needs of your Magento project. Most of the website development projects that fail or end up spending too many resources are due to a lack of predefined requirements. If you want to optimally utilize the resources and get your project in the way you want, we would like to recommend you first define all your needs and requirements with the website

Your requirements can be around:

  • Website design, theme, layout, style, etc. 
  • Features and functionalities you need
  • No. of web pages, product categories, etc. 
  • Image size, content display, color scheme, etc. 

There are many more things that you add to your requirement list. So just remember that you first create the requirement list for your Magento website before you hire the Magento developer. 

2 .  Check For The Skills You Need In A Magento 2 Developer

Depending on your requirements and the job functions they will perform for your Magento project, you are required to look for the skills in the Magento developer accordingly. Some of the major skills that look for are:

  • Installation of Magento
  • Check for the website on a regular basis
  • Customization and personalization of the website
  • Merging payment gateways into the website
  • Extensive knowledge of plugins & extensions’ installation, features, & functionalities.
  • Optimize website performance, take SEO audits, and improve user experience on the website. 

Other skills that you need to look for are backend development skills, frontend development skills, technical skills like coding languages, and other soft skills required for your project. 

3.  Must Ask For The Magento 2 Certification

Magento organizes several certification examinations for developers. You can find different exams that are for different expertise levels to certify the candidate and validate their expert knowledge of the particular Magento stream. While screening the candidate for your Magento project, you can look through their certification and find the fittest. 

These certifications ensure that you will get the best professional services and Magento development for your project. The only aim of these certification exams is to enhance the knowledge of the Magento 2 developer and make the expert for any customizations, modifications, and functionalities that are required by the client. 

4.  Look For Magento 2 Developer On Different Platforms

On its platform, Magento has a directory of experienced and certified Magento developers. If you’re looking for a professional and validated Magento 2 developer, then this is the authentic platform you should go and check for the Magento 2 developer. Here, you can search for certified Magento developers as per requirements and post your requirement. Moreover, you can also select a Magento developer on the basis of a particular country, certification, and region.

Also, you can find Magento developers on the Magento partner portals, where there is a community of professional and experienced Magento developers. You can also search on Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn for freelancers, and full-time, or part-time Magento 2 developers.  

5.  Evaluate the Aptitude Of Every Developer Before Hiring

Lastly, you come on one of the crucial steps that are to evaluate and properly check the aptitude of the Magento 2 candidate before hiring them. For this, you don’t only have to look for a Magento 2 developer who is good at completing the project but also has a good zeal and passion for its work. If you find such a candidate for your Magento project, you will ensure that your project will be in good hands and the one who will accommodate it, do it wholeheartedly and passionately. Some people might get it wrong, but if you find a person who is passionate about undertaking challenges and wants to learn with every new project, they’re always better candidates, even experienced ones. So, make sure you check the aptitude of the selected candidates in your list and then finalize on any one, two, or more Magento 2 developers you need for your eCommerce project. 

Wrapping Up!

Here we are summarizing this blog by telling you that hiring the right, professional, and experienced Magento 2 developer is crucial for the Magento project. Don’t go for the ordinary web developer who does not know about the features, functionalities, and coding of the Magento platform. 

Hence, follow the above-given steps and find the best Magento 2 developer for your project. 

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