How to Know if Your SEO Firm is Helping You or Hurting You?


Today most of the dodgy tactics have been eliminated by Google. However, some techniques that are potentially damaging, old-fashioned and worthless are still in use and various SEO companies sell these. The search engine can penalize your site if it violates the guidelines of the search engine by making use of short-term strategies like these. This can damage the reputation of your industry. If you will hire the wrong SEO firm then it can hurt your business. Now I will tell you how to know if your SEO firm is helping you or hurting you.

Signs that your SEO agency is hurting you

1. Use of private blog networks – Usually a digital agency controls a network of sites known as a PBN or private blog network. Now let us understand how it works. Here an agency having existing domain authority buys the expired domains and uses these for creating the sites. Then the agency links these to the sites of their customers. In order to prevent them from getting detected, these networks use hosting environments of different types for the purpose of hiding themselves. But why do they do this? They do this because they violate the terms of service of Google. However, indulging in a practice like this can be highly effective and can benefit you but it is full of risks because Google can catch you at any time, and then it will penalize your site.

2. Promising a large number of forum comments, bookmarking, directory submissions, and articles – When doing SEO, if you focus on quantity then you cannot deliver quality. It will not benefit you if you put 3000 forum comments, 570 articles, and 650 directory submissions regularly. All this comes under spam. You will not get new customers with this type of spammy crap, in spite of automating it. The search engine calls it the web spam poster child and considers it garbage. If Google catches you then it can de-index your site or drop it. So, don’t forget the concept that less is more when it is related to building links.

3. They don’t tell you what they do for you – You usually provide money to the agency regularly but do you have any idea what they are doing with that money? If it is a good agency then it needs to tell you about the work that it is doing for you. It may include:

·       The SEO audit of your site

·       Introduction of the changes made to your website

·       Details of the task that they have performed for you

·       Helping you to track the exact performance

·       Providing you the monthly report of building links for your website

4. You get a manual penalty or your rankings drop – It will not be good for you if a manual penalty is imposed on your site. Google’s Webmaster Tools will inform you about this. But what is the reason behind a manual penalty? The reason is that Google makes several changes regularly and you may not be aware of all these changes. Because of this, it is necessary for the firm to assess your Webmaster Tools for getting information about an activity of this kind. But if the firm does not do that then it can hurt your website.

Also, if your website traffic drops suddenly then it is a big issue. It occurs because the search engine changes its algorithms periodically and if your website’s SEO is not done properly then your rankings can drop. Google can de-index your site too. The agency needs to do everything as per the latest Google algorithms.

Signs that your SEO agency is helping you

1. They give importance to the content of your website – Creating content of good quality is the goal of a good website rather than building spammy links or creating content with keyword stuffing. For making improvements, the firm will suggest you the following things:

  • Develop a good content strategy
  • For improving the conversion rate, change the design of your website
  • Optimize the content of your website
  • On the services pages and home page, add relevant content

2. They give you all the details of the work related to your website – You can measure the performance of your campaign with the reports that the firm will provide you. On this basis, you can track the live dashboards and videos. In order to make sure that the money that you pay to the SEO agency is properly utilized, you can see the work done by them in the monthly reports.

3. There is an increase in the leads, traffic, and rankings of your website – If the firm helps in boosting your organic leads, search visibility, and ranking then it is a good firm.

I hope this article will help you understand whether your SEO Firm is Helping You or Hurting You. If you are interested in getting SEO services then contact SEO agency India

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