6 Video Surveillance Technology Crazes in 2021 & Beyond

Video Surveillance Technology Crazes

Intelligent surveillance is another synonym for video surveillance. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, HDR quality, enhanced video resolutions, and high-end security techniques have been shaping the frame of the current video surveillance techniques.

Additionally, today’s security aspects require more and more data storage and communication scopes to deliver optimum security and safety. Apart from peeking into security objectives only, the latest video surveillance trends provide influential advancements in our society.

With the current scenario of the pandemic, the world is adapting to the new normal. And, technology is working as the perfect mediator between you and the world. Hence, you might be experiencing a huge improvement in the storage media, data, speed, and everything in between. The video surveillance has to be up and running 24/7, and hence, the storage and backup should be active all the time.

Video surveillance is solving the real-time problems of face recognition, cloud services, and much more. Cloud computing and edge computing also process video surveillance. Let’s take a look at video surveillance trends that can drive technologies to help mankind.

Analytics Related to Video Surveillance

Every residential and commercial property out there is relying upon a strong surveillance procedure to safeguard properties. Video surveillance techniques have become one of the most powerful tools to enhance the security aspect of your organization.

According to CCTV repair Dubai experts, it’s not only about monitoring at all, it’s also about retrieving analytics from the video recorded. The advent of deep learning has enabled the scope of identifying patterns and trends. Following the trend will be easier for any organization to detect any kind of threat.

Any organization in the world can deter financial and emotional threats by deploying advanced video surveillance techniques. The inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning will accelerate the process.

Surging Demand for Cloud

Businesses have been using cloud solutions for the ultimate business benefits. As per worldwide reports, almost 90 percent of businesses are making use of cloud technology for storage and backup purposes. However, the number of businesses using the same cloud technology for video surveillance is too low. And, that also started when the entire globe started reporting about communication issues during COVID-19 cases. Cloud technology helped and is still helping a lot in maintaining the right rhythm for work-from-home culture.

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But, only 10 percent of businesses are thinking of cloud services for video surveillance. However, the statistics seem to change with the advantages of cloud technology. The benefits of cloud storage are that you can avail yourself flexibility, retention, and remote access to your data. Additionally, cloud storage and backup facilities offer you enhanced stability and disaster recovery under any circumstances. To keep businesses protected and monitored all the time, cloud technologies are definitely in demand.

Diversity in CCTV Surveillance Cameras

The application of CCTV cameras is not limited to commercial, corporate, or governmental bodies anymore. The industry is escalating abruptly, and there are different kinds of CCTV cameras available in the market. Let’s check out all the popular security cameras and their options.

Bullet CCTVs are the right choice for retail stores, institutes, schools, and farms for their dedicated shape. On the other hand, dome CCTV provides a 360-degree angle view and recording.

You can consider dome security cameras for casinos, and commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. However, wireless CCTV cameras are suitable for playschools, schools, churches, etc., where you can keep the installation mess-free.

In addition to this, Day/Night CCTV cameras are in high demand due to the flexibility in both day and night vision. They are a perfect match for those zones where burglary and thefts can happen more often. If you want to look after your business from anywhere and anytime, you should choose IP CCTV setup.

There is no other way to use an HD CCTV camera when it comes to the clarity of the recorded footage. However, any area with too much space requires Pan tilt and Zoom CCTV cameras. So, there are multiple options for you to select from. The credit goes to the advanced technical solutions out there.

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Contactless Solutions for the Pandemic Era

Admit it or not, we have encountered a big difference since when COVID-19 entered our lives. We are forced to follow social distancing rules and other mandatory regulations. The disadvantage of such regulations is that it has limited our scope of ours to communicate more frequently.

It has eliminated all the in-contact solutions required for daily life. Whether it is a mask detection algorithm or a piece of thermal screening equipment, you name it and it’s operating without any kind of contact.

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The fact behind all these contactless solutions is that each one of these is applying the concept of advanced video surveillance. Additionally, video surveillance systems have made it possible to detect number plates. Such AI-driven functionalities will be beneficial in the upcoming days, no doubt. This functionality will upgrade the security aesthetics of any organization, both public and private.

Integrated Systems with the Internet of Things

The magic about the Internet of Things is that you can connect any network-enabled device to the internet. And, you can stay connected to the internet or your intended device, all the time, with the help of any mobile device or the fitness tracker you use. The integration of IoT devices with the video surveillance system has made it possible to quickly send and receive information.

So, if anyone wants to take a look at what’s happening inside his or her store or organization, it’s possible with IoT integration. In addition to the usage of IoT devices, cloud computing has helped the instance to connect with any video surveillance device from any corner of the world. Thus, you need not compromise the security of your organization even when you are not around.

Open-Source and Connected Platforms

Irrespective of the device, to which you connect for video surveillance purposes, they should be easily available to everyone. Let’s consider devices such as doorbell cam, voice controllers, thermostats, and other equipment that are mostly used at home. Then, why are we missing workplaces for IoT integration? The challenge with adopting CCTV surveillance facilities is that businesses need to integrate on a single platform.

This will make things easy for developers to work on a single VMS platform. The open-source platform should be addressing the interfacing of security cameras, cloud storage, backup, and other related activities for dedicated applications. So that businesses can participate in promising video surveillance systems.

Wrapping up….

Well, this is not the end. As soon as video surveillance trends tend to get enhanced we will get different applications of video surveillance. And, for now, the world has come across body-worn cameras, security surveillance for payments, agricultural monitoring, and healthcare facilities. Telehealth support has indeed changed the healthcare industry.

On the other hand, 5G is about to hit the floor globally. Undoubtedly, the 5G network will define the speed required for faster video surveillance and communication for automated vehicles. So, there are lots of video surveillance trends to witness in the coming years.

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