Key Benefits Of Integrating Social Media Feeds on Website

Benefits Of Integrating Social Media Feeds on Website

Making a significant impact on the audience through an online presence is extremely important for the growth of a brand. The first step, however, to climb the ladder of success is to create a website.

A website of a brand is like a representation of what the brand stands for. It is the first interaction point between the brand and its potential customers. But the immense cut-throat competition and with millions of business websites present on the search engine, your website needs to have an attractive element to keep the visitors engaged and hooked for a longer period.

This can be achieved by displaying social media feed on website.

Ever since social media has come into existence, it has become an integral part of its users’ daily routine. Social media users leverage the platform at least 2.5 hours a day. Apart from interacting with followers and making new connections, social media users openly voice out their opinions and recommendations on various brands and their products.

Furthermore, displaying social media feeds on your website can reap spectacular benefits for your business. Continue reading this blog till the end as we have mentioned a few major benefits of including social media feeds on websites.

Let’s get started!

●      Improve The Overall Look Of Your Website

There is nothing more monotonous than a boring website interface. Embedding social media feeds on your website can instantly revamp the overall look of your website. A well-designed website with engaging content can take your website to a whole new level.

Social media is a hub of eye-pleasing visuals and incorporating them into your website can make your website 10 times more interesting and improve its overall presence. This would ultimately lead to a longer stay time for your visitors on your website.

●      Display User-Generated Content

Social media is a huge ocean of content created by its users. Such content is referred to as User-Generated Content and it is the most authentic, trustworthy, and genuine form of content found online.

There may be many brand users on social media who are loving your product or service and vouch for your brand and if you are not making use of this content, then you surely are missing out on a golden opportunity to promote your product or service.

It is no surprise that just like people tend to trust people, similarly, customers tend to trust other customers more than the brand’s promotional content.

More than 90% of your potential customers go through User-Generated Content while they are in the decision-making process! Eye-opening? Isn’t it?

●      Boost Engagement Of Your Website Visitors

What is the point of having a website when your visitors are not engaged enough? The major concern for most brands is the high bounce rate of websites.

Displaying social media feeds on your website is a great way to keep your visitors engaged and hooked on for a longer time.

Social media generates a large amount of interesting and engaging content and embedding it would compel your visitors to explore your website more leading to an increase in the overall engagement level of the visitors.

●      More Conversion Rate

Growing the business is an ultimate goal for all brands, no matter big or small. Once your website visitors are hooked, engaged, and motivated to try out your products and services, it would eventually lead to an increase in your brand’s revenue and conversion rates.

For any customer, it can be quite tough to suddenly switch over to a different and new brand. Displaying User-Generated Content in the form of social media feeds on your website can help in gaining the faith and confidence of your potential customers. This would in return compel and motivate them to go ahead and purchase your products.

Key Takeaways

We have reached the end of this post and are sure that you must be thoroughly convinced to showcase social media feeds on your website.

In case you are wondering how to do the needful, it can be done easily with the help of a responsive social media aggregation tool.

While there are various social media aggregation tools available online, all you need to do is find the perfect fit as per your needs and requirements.

Make sure that you go through the features of the tool while shortlisting them. Look for features like customization options, content moderation panel, advanced analytics, and a robust back support system.

Displaying social media feeds on websites is a great way to achieve all your desired sales numbers and business goals.

Now that you know all about the spectacular benefits of this amazing strategy and the best way to shortlist the best social media aggregation tool, all you need to do is get going and consider this strategy.

We are sure that you would be amazed by the result it offers! Go on & begin right away.

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