LG Rollable smartphone teased at CES 2021 with tagline More to Explore

LG Rollable Smartphone

LG teased its rollable phone with the name LG Rollable along with the tagline ‘More to Explore’ at the end of its CES 2021 press conference. The LG Rollable phone is an extendable pull out design. But, LG only showed a glimpse of the phone for a few seconds without revealing any other details.

Last year in September the company had teased the design along with LG WING announcement. And, the LG rollable phone comes after rumours about the company launching its rollable phone codenamed Project B in early 2021. While, back in 2019 LG had filed a patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), showing a design for a smartphone with a flexible display that can be rolled up into its own housing on the sides.

The LG company said:

The Explorer Project aims to explore and inject new life into untapped areas and reshape and expand the current user experience, with assistance from its trusted platform partners, and added that this will focus solely on new usability that is discovered with innovative designs.

The Explorer Project result is LG Wing, so hopefully the LG Rollable will likely be part of it and there are chances this might also turn out into a final product soon.

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