How to set custom chat wallpaper in Signal messaging app

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Signal has added support for custom chat wallpapers similar to WhatsApp. This update will allow Signal users to set custom chat backgrounds for specific chat. In the wake of WhatsApp latest and controversial privacy policy update Signal app is yet another instant messaging platform that’s saw increase in download of signal app. And, it seems like company is not behind in providing any feature that makes it less useful that other competitive messaging apps.

The latest Signal app update has been released for both Android and iOS apps. While, setting up the custom chat wallpaper in Signal you can either choose preset background option or select your saved image from the device. You also have the option to blur the background by a bit to improve readability in Signal app. Now, if you are wondering how to set the custom chat wallpaper in Signal, here we have shared the step by step guide for you.

Steps on how to set custom chat wallpaper on Signal

  • Open Signal app
  • Tap on any chat window
  • Tap on the contact name to open chat settings
  • Tap on Chat wallpaper option
  • Tap on Set wallpaper
  • Tap on Choose from photos.
  • Select an image, adjust it from the preview.
  • If, you want to blur the background, then turn on the Blur photo toggle.
  • Tap on Set wallpaper option.

Once, done you will find the custom chat wallpaper in the specific chat for Signal app. You can follow the same above steps to set custom chat wallpaper in another chat window of Signal app.

Please make sure you have the latest Signal app update on your device. You might also like our TUTEZONE section which contains exclusive tutorials on how you can make your life simpler using technology.

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